Stormvogel The Herbal Barge's Moors up canal side at Grow for a new monthly residency

We’re so happy that we’re partnered with Stormvogel the Herbal Barge and this amazing boat’s captain - the experienced herbalist Melissa Ronaldson for a residency at our Hackney Wick canal side space. After holding a fundraiser with the Heliocentrics back in May, we welcome Stormvogel back once every month or so, this beatiful herbal barge can moor up and open it doors so you can take part in workshops and also meet Melissa at different music and art events we hosting at Grow throughout the week.

On Friday 16 and Saturday 17 August, the Herbal Barge Apothecary shifts into evening party mode with invigorating guarana and chilli party mix and the famous sinus tingling extra-stimulating herbal snuff No. 5. On the Sunday 16 and Tuesday 20 August, Melissa is hosting workshops - see below.

Sunday 16 August - Introduction to skin-cream making
Experienced herbalist, Melissa Ronaldson, guide you though this intimate workshop on the Herbal Barge, looking at the properties of botanical ingredients and preparations that can be used to make nourishing and healing skin creams. Participants will have the opportunity to experiment with ingredients and make their own personalised product to take home. Melissa will also demonstrate the alchemy of making a cream from scratch.
Workshop is £25
Proceeds help to support the work of the Herbal Barge
Can accept cash and card
Limited places, please book by contacting Melissa directly

Tuesday 20 August - Medicine Making
This workshop is a chance to be part of the Herbalists Without Borders Campaign to help support refugees in Northern France. Melissa will guide you and together you will make medicine which will be distributed by the Herbalists Without Borders team when they next visit Calais.
Suggested donation for the workshop is £20
Proceeds help to support the work of Herbalists Without Borders
Can accept cash and card
Book online

About Stormvogel the Herbal Barge
The Herbal Barge is a very special floating Herbal Medicine Clinic, Apothecary and Teaching space. It is run by experienced herbalist Melissa Ronaldson and offers one to one consultations; over the counter and online products; regular courses, workshops and plant walks;and occasional special events.