Who are 'Adventures in Paradise'? Find out ahead of their annual summer party!

Adventures in Paradise are made up of Michelle and Katie and this dynamic duo have been on our decks from the beginning.  We're chuffed to partner with them not only because they squeeze us into their chocca-bloc schedule but they always bring a positive vibe and a collection of their carefully selected tunes for everyones enjoyment.  Adventures in Paradise join us again on Sat 8 July for their annual summer party so we thought we'd ask them some questions so we all can get to know them that little better...

How did you you both meet?
We met in the summer of 2009 at a Love Fever Loft party, DJ Rahaan was playing, it was a great night! It was in a shared cab to an afters that Michelle said "I know you, you're Katie Barber from the Ladybugz". We ended up hanging out afterwards playing music into the small hours and remained friends from then.

Why did you call yourself 'Adventures in Paradise'?The name comes from Minnie Riperton's third album - an artist we both hugely adore Katie had it in her head to use the name for something for a few years and when we got together, we both agreed it would be perfect to use for parties.

It's since evolved into the name we've given our record label, which is launching with a release from Felix Dickinson's band Dedication featuring Danielle Moore, called 'Show Me Love'. 

What kind of music do you play and what inspires you?
We both have an ear for a very similar sound, and the music we play is a sort of hybrid of Balearic and Disco. The different music styles you would expect to hear in one of our mixes, or at one of our parties at Grow would be, Balearic, Disco, Boogie, House, 80's Synth Wave.

We're both hugely inspired by the music that came out of the underground club scene in New York during the 70s & 80s, places like The Loft, Paradise Garage, The Gallery are very influential for us. Also, in the last few years has been a resurgence of music from Africa from the 70s & 80s, that we both love. We are always excited about discovering new music all the time.

What's the best bits of being a resident DJ duo at Grow?
It's a cool venue with an exceptional ethos and great team behind it.

If you could put some decks anywhere (landmark, country, building, community) in the world and play, where would it be?
It would have to be anywhere in Paradise that we can have a right old adventure!


Adventures in Paradise
Adventures in Paradise