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Sense #1 : Perception. An evening exploring audio-visual

Sense is a collaborative project led by Patricia Puertas, Joel Smith and Xuân Sinden and Grow in Hackney Wick.

For our opening event, join us in exploring the unique ways in which we all perceive the world and the variables that influence the human experience. Do we perceive the same phenomena from person to person? Is our perceptual world the same as the real world? What is the real world? ...

Join Joel Smith + Patricia Puertas, who have previously worked together in diverse sound performances commissioned by British Museum and Royal Academy of Arts. Their individual exploration and experimentation of sounds merge to create a rich, textured soundscape. Featuring ethereal siren-like vocals and shimmering, effects-laden guitar motifs shifting across a fluid canvas of field recordings, found-sounds, samples, grooves and live improvised sounds, their performances continue to evolve. They will be bringing Chris Marker’s 1962 French sci-fi featurette La Jetée under their sonic treatment as a live, improvised score.

Xuân Sinden is an installation and sound artist whose work begins from the poetic process of documenting the mundinaity of our everyday environments. Creating a pattern of image and sound, Sinden captures the various tensions, and pleasures, of living amongst the “movement of [our] imagination forming and deploying through images.” [1]. His immersive installations portray the notion of a constant, and revolving city.[1] Cecil Day Lewis. The Poetic Image. (London: Jonathan Cape, 1964.) P. 27.

About Grow, Hackney

We are an independently run space and an experiment in ethical and sustainable business, which includes working with local artists, musicians on collaborative projects to host free events where everyone is welcome. We pay London Living Wage and partner with community projects to share and nurture local talent. Grow has no investment and is built by local Hackney Wickers and relys on the sharing economy of the area. Profits go back into the community.