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The return of th ECOUTEZ day party is a short segway-away. For our first summer outing down by the canal, we're pshyched to invite along LORENZO with the rest of the crew in tow, for a tasty afternoon-to-evening of easy-breezin. From industrial ambience to Amazonian free-jazz, we'll play you something new.

LORENZO (Fly By Night Music)
A digger's-digger. ~ Label boss of the highly aclaimed FBNM, Lorenzo has been behind many pearly releases over the past couple of years. He also runs the Do!! You!! record shop in Peckham.

Écoutez are a loose collective of artists and music fanatics who’ve been throwing parties in a number of cities and have taken up residence at Grow. This is the first of their summer day-parties and they always deliver. It's impossible not to appreciate their taste and they have something for everyone!

Sho Mura (Ikura Imprint): Tokyo via Turnpike Lane - expect dusty dabs of jazz from his dad’s garage and buoyant riddims of every kind. NTS

Nepa Tiz: Butter-like grooves and a healthy dusting of parent pleasers your parents don’t know.