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FREE ENTRYThe TrumPeste Protest Fest

Bring Your Banners, Masks, Rattles, Bring Your Drums
The Night Of The Zombie Has Come
Dance, Music, Improvisations, Vocalizations, Visualizations, Speeches, Poetry, Puppets, Costume,

In Preparation and Part of The Welcoming Party for The Great Narcissistic, Hate-Mongering, Megalomaniac we are having a Mega “Stop The TrumPeste Masquerade”. Everyone is invited to participate by simply making a mask, costume, wig, banner, poster, speech etc. 

There will be performances by Pete O' Dublo, Mai Nguyen Tri performs with Grassy Noel & APE, DJs, Speakers, Projections, Banners, Masks & Costumes.