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The People's Film Club & Divest Hackney present: TOMORROW & panel discussion

Faced with a scientific study that stated that at current rates of resource consumption and environmental damage could lead to a extinction-level event by the end of this century, TOMORROW’s filmmakers set out to find the communities around the world that are fighting to protect our planet.

Following the film, there will be a panel discussing combating climate change in our local community, led by Divest Hackney.

7pm, Tuesday 21st April at Grow, Hackney.

£5 (standard) / £7 (solidarity) - all proceeds will go to EcoACTIVE Education, a charity which provides hands-on, practical environmental education to children.


‘“Tomorrow” wastes little time trying to convince us that that world is ending. It takes that as a known fact, and then highlights the people who are fighting in small but appreciable ways to stop that from happening.’ - Variety


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