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Capitalism continues to grow bigger and stronger every day seemingly ignorant in the face of limits to growth and refusing to acknowledge resource depletion or real sustainability. Living in the belly of the beast we know this story too well! However, we are big believers in changing that narrative. 
So what are we going to do about it?

Well, that's why we have organised this free event, which is part of a week-long series called Grow Change! This series is just the start, and we hope that over the rest of the year and beyond we can build on this action collectively... 

What is 'Ethical Economics'?

Grow beleives in a system where planet, people and profit are in complete harmany and balance with one another. This isn't a utopian dream but an essentual and fundemental requirement in building a sustainable world. 

Talk/Social Networking
This event will be an talk/discussion inviting key experts from the alternative economics world that are working on changing that narrative. Stay tuned to be updated shortly with the speakers we have lined up. The disussion shall then climax with a social networking drinks after where we can formulate an action plan for instigating local change!! 

Other themes across the week at Grow Change! includes gentrification + community resilience; skill sharing economy; climate action and education outside of academia. Find out more at