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Grow is home to the We are starting this for East London permaculture group. Everyone is welcome to join us in learning and discussing Urban Permaculture, how to grow your own organic food, health & nutrition and sustainable design. We meet on the 2nd Thursday of each month.

This week's guest speaker is Giulia Grattini who is doing her research on Insect Farming as an alternative source of protein as part of her MSc. degree.

Insects were a major part of our ancestors diets, slowly fading away in many cultures to be replaced with farmed animals but also still popular in many other cultures. Giulia will share with us how insects could add diversity to our diets, and how we could be eating insects to save the planet. How to grow insects in urban setups and recipes will also be shared

The meetup is based upstairs in our canal side greenhouse and at the sametime the neo soul jam is downstairs so you can pop down anytime and/or when the meet up has finished and enjoy an eclectic range of musicians playing live.