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Avante Garde Music, Art & Dance

‘In Livia Rita’s voice one doesn’t only hear Bjork, but the slightly manic, genius reverberations of Kate Bush.’ Tagblatt, Switzerland Tour, 2017

With previous performances at the V & A and Barbican, we’re pleased to welcome young visionary artist, Livia Rita! She will be giving a very special contemporary performance, aiming to communicate, express, move and question fashion through music, singing, a big installation, more outfits and of course, dancing.

Livia Rita’s eclectic musical style draws on a wide range of influences and genres, blending electronic pop effortlessly with experimental, classical and new wave styles. She subverts the listeners with each song, as wild, brutal textures meet vulnerable, otherworldly melodies in adventurous and emotional ways.

Livia Rita explores avant-garde ways of performing her synthesiser drenched music through a strong visual identity formed of art fashion and stylised movement designed by herself. Together with a gang of dancers and a band led by Tom McLuckie, it collides into a furious, unashamedly dreamy and tantalising live show; a surreal live 4D music video.

The debut album will be launched as a total artwork, including a music video for each song, and a magazine, which merges the lyrics of each tune with photography of their correlating art fashion collection. The work is developed at the Barbican with mentoring of Lindsay Kemp (David Bowie) and Lea Anderson.

After building up her core following in London’s radical subculture music and art scene, Livia Rita has toured Germany and Switzerland twice, where they have been picked up by Tonio Amin Zaoui from dq agency in Berlin. He is currently booking a larger Germany tour and festivals for summer 2019. Together with Coldkings, he will provide partners for the promotion of the upcoming European tour in autumn and the forthcoming releases

Supported by the Swiss Cultural Fund UK

Livia Rita is a singer, designer and artist who explores avant-garde ways of performing her music through a strong visual identity formed of art fashion and stylised movement.

(ANTI-)FASHION MANIFESTO (needs to be said....)

The fashion industry fails to address current challenges in our modern world. A blood red river runs in China whilst a factory crumbles to the ground in Bangladesh – over a thousand dead. Pollution, dangerous working conditions, modern slavery, child labour: this is not what fashion should be. I am striving for a new vision of fashion, a future-forward world of creation, not destruction. I see two different types of this new fashion...

Fashion as pure art. I see it as an artform just like paintings, sculptures or any other piece of art. It will serve to do what other pieces of art do: express, move, communicate, dare, provoke, be beautiful, be frightening… and inspire. It will form an integral part of my music and carry meanings above just being ‘a piece of cloth’

Because nakedness is not always the solution; there should be outfits for everyday life that make us feel the best possible. We should enjoy the clothes we wear, and only buy if we really want them. We will consume less, buy better quality, and keep items for years not months. We will create an emotional, personal attachment to our clothing and cultivate our individual tastes. And because we will buy fewer clothes, we will spend more money on each purchase: we will pay for the environmental and ethical standards that should be the norm.

About Tuesday
Magic Fish is part of programme of live art and music events on a Tuesday night at Grow. Working in collaboration with a range of artists we work together to showcase art in an affordable and accessible format with the aim of introducing a wide range of audiences to new experiences, with an all welcome ethos.

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