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To wave goodbye to summer, Loose Lips are raising funds and spreading the awareness of Core Arts, an amazing Hackney-based charity who promote positive mental health and well-being through creative learning. Their amazing artistic work with mental health patients was shown to lead to a 96% non-re-admission rate in a recent NHS study.

This creative approach to dealing with mental health still really needs its word spreading though. And so come down to Grow for an eclectic 12 hours of live music and DJs. Expect everything from UK Hip Hop to Samba, breakbeats and Disco.

Donations taken in aid of Corearts, with 10% of the bar-take also being donated.


- Adolphus (Annual Fall) - LIVE HIP HOP

Adolphus is a UK based rapper/producer. This year saw him release 2 mixtapes, earning him a radio debut through BBC Introducing. At the event, he will be performing a range of new music crafted from scratch in his home studio.

- Atom Funk (Niall Behan & Tom Coleman)

An atom is the smallest constituent unit of ordinary matter. Funk is a musical genre that originated in the mid-1960s. Atom Funk is a couple of mates from Northampton who put on the odd party here and there...

- Finn Foxell (E/M) - LIVE HIP HOP

West London local, Finn Foxell, from the E/M collective. Is bless.

- Jake Calvert (Worm Disco Club) - LONDON DEBUT

- Juggins (Loose Lips)

Co-founder and the sexiest man alive.

- Kenny Mulligan (Acid Army/Loose Lips/Wax Factory)

DJ Kenny Mulligan (aka Acid Army) from Glasgow is a DJ, label owner, club promoter, radio show host and charity event co-ordinator who’s developed his own unique sound from throwing himself headfirst into every single musical project he's ever come across!

- LeVant (The Sublunar Society) - UK DEBUT

LeVant is one of the aliases of Romanian producer and digital music theoretician George D. Stanciulescu, displaying a versatile approach that spans between edgy electronica, art-pop, IDM and ambient . Since its inception, LeVant has performed multimedia shows both as a band and as a DJ at various festivals and venues, with a plethora of featured vocalists and guest artists, ranging from theater and film, choreography, visual arts and so on. LeVant’s releases (2 albums and 2 EPs) have been featured in the international underground press, in a number of online publications, radio shows and samplers worldwide.

- Nelson - LIVE HIP HOP

- Olaf S East (Shake Your Molecules/Shaped By What We Love)

W/Rajinald Perrin dropping their favourite heavyweight funk and psych beats.

- Squal (Broken Music Theory/UK Basslines)

- Stoogie Houzer (Bizarre Rituals)

- Thomas Eric w/White Swine - LIVE

Sad disco music from the hills of Shropshire.

- Treece (Loose Lips/SWMS) - LIVE HIP HOP

Runs Loose Lips in Manchester. Impressive MC.

- Yuki Ame - LIVE

Yuki Ame is an electronic artist base in Bristol, UK. Last year saw Yuki playing live in support of a wide range of acts including Illa J (Stones Throw), Kaiju (Deep Medi), Terry Francis (Fabric) and Tommy Cash, showcasing his diverse musical output. His new live set, which features guest vocals from vocalist Zoë, is a showcase of new and forthcoming material for 2017/18.