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Part of a week-long series of events called Grow Change! on the idea of self-organising action and its role in society.

Capitalism continues to grow bigger and stronger every day seemingly ignorant in the face of limits to growth and refusing to acknowledge resource depletion or real sustainability. Living in the belly of the beast we know this story too well! However, we are big believers in changing that narrative, so what are we going to do about it?

Well, that's why we have organised this free event, which is part of a week-long series called Grow Change! All of these events will be around self-organised community action and will set our intentions for the rest of the year at Grow.

Skill sharing is a key part of creating a more sustainable world, where we use the resources that we have, rather than replacing everything with new. Sharing knowledge is a great way to help each other reduce our environmental footprint, learn a new skill, save some pennies, whilst make new friends.

The great thing about this is that we all have skills to offer! So if you have an interesting/helpful skill you'd love to share with others for the afternoon then let us know.

Get in touch if you are a DIY god/goddess, gadget fixer, bike genius, sewing wizz, upcycle extraordinaire, creative maker, Yogi, fermenting guru or permaculture pioneer. All skills are welcome here.

email ASAP to arrange a skill share slot:

Other themes across the week at Grow Change! includes solidarity economics; climate change action; gentrification + community resilience and education outside of academia. Find out more at