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We're excited to announce this month we celebrate Veganuary with guest vegan chef Stephanie Gallavanteer who has more hospitality experience under her belt than a heavy weight champion. She’s a culinary school drop-out who went on to hone her craft working alongside LA’s top vegan chefs. 

Over her career, Stephanie has served vegan renditions of street food at festivals and a wide variety of venues across California and London. She also does recipe development and consultancy work for people that want to add vegan options to their menus. For her residency at Grow, Stephanie will be serving homemade nachos with chilli and cheese (plus special popcorn) during the London Short Film Festival and a series of events about self-organsing (15-19 Jan) and then we reopen for normal service with jazz on Wed 23 Jan where she'll add burritos to the menu until Sunday 27. Hope to see you all soon!

We’ll also be announcing our kitchen resident for 2019 soon so for updates on food, drink and our events, please check out Grow's Facebook page as we update about our food offers and a host of  different music, art and community events each week.